Nexus Services, Inc. is a dedicated Transcription company that provides transcription solutions to set the standard for high quality, Turnaround time, and customer care.


We provide fast, reliable, accurate, professional-level service to our clients nation wide. We provide toll-free dictation system/Dictaphones.  We can also receive tapes at our location, record conference calls, or access internet audio files and return to the client a verbatim text of what has been dictated.  We produce quality transcript from any standard tape or digital format.  We have state-of-the-art technologies to receive and convert any kind of audio format for transcription. 



Our highly trained transcriptionists combine accuracy with an intense degree of editing, which enables us to provide error-free documents to our client.  Your work will be done by meticulous transcriptionists who actually understand your business and its needs.



Not only do we get your transcription done right, we get it done fast. We have a flexible turn-a-round time depending on your needs.


We fit all budget.  We provide competitive rates.  No need to pay more for quality transcripts.


We are HIPAA-compliant, adhering to its rules and regulations. All our system software and communication are protected using the latest firewall technology along trusted 256-bit encryption routines, which satisfies HIPAA guidelines for the security of patient data and information.


We stay abreast of the latest technology in our field . We can handle any format you have, from tape to video to the newest digital formats.




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